Blue Ice: to live the sea

Who chooses to invest in the Quality of Life acquiring a modern boat should be compensated by receiving Quality.
Who chooses Blue Ice wants Quality of the materials, of the technical equipment, of the motorizations;
Quality of the performances, of the designs, of the interiors, of the assemblage,
in a range that puts at the center of each decision the needs of who chooses to fully live the sea.


Why choose Blue Ice?

For the range
For the range

Open boats are characterized by great habitability, generous and efficient motors, streamlined that unite classic style with a modern way of being.

For the quality
For the quality

The old artisan wisdom united with the best available technologies. A Blue Ice is made to last and to never betray you

For the customization
For the customization

Each Blue Ice is born fully optional but it is ready to model itself on your tastes and needs with customized solutions.

For You
For You

Each Blue Ice is the faithful portrait of its owner: if you know and appreciate the pleasure of made to measure, you will appreciate Blue Ice.

News & Events

Yachting Festival
8/13 September 2015, Cannes

Sea Engineering takes part in the Cannes Yachting Festival from September 8 to 13.
We are waiting for you to our stand PAN218, we’ll be happy to meet you and to show you all our news that we have created for you.
Your emotions in the Blue are our daily inspiration: it’s up to you live them.